Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A turn in the tide...

Ok, so this week-not as good as last week...and last week wasn't even that good...  It seems as if all the good times are over and from here on out nothing but crap coming my way.  Got the news Monday that AT&T will be cutting out 60% of their workers in my mom's office.  If it were 50% she would have been safe, but since it is 60% she is now on the chopping block.  Needless to say, this is a VERY BAD THING for my familiy.  My mother is the sole support monetarily and insurance wise.  Without a job we will be  bankrupt fairly quickly, my part-time job can barely support me, let alone a family full of health issues. We have until early November to figure something out.

Speaking of health issues,  Deidra was diagnosed with Swine Flu on Tuesday.  Oh I'm sorry-H1N1 A (The pork companies did not like "Swine Flu").  So I've been spending the last few days staying AWAY.  Then today, my grandma got sick and has been puking for quite some time..which is always nice.  So basically I am surrounded by disease, and only by the grace of God (and I mean this literally) have I not become bedridden.  My immune system is crap and always has been so I consider my health a miracle at this point.

On that happy note, I am surprisingly NOT freaking out.  I'm slightly bitter and cynical as always, but I am not freaking out... I'd like to hope that is because The Spirit is whispering to me that everything will be ok, but the cynic in me will not allow it and just say I am in denial.  Come on self: think positively!