Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday is the best day ever!

I slept in til 11:30!
It is now after noon and I am still in my pjs!
I have all day to mull about, cros-stitch, and pick a costume for the dance tonight!

Now a question to the blogosphere:

What shall I be?

  1. A lion. Frizz my hair, wear all brown, paint on whiskers and a nose, make a tail out of yarn
  2. A Pirate. Wear torn up clothes, big ol' boots, and an awesome hat
  3. Little Red Riding Hood.  Initially I wanted to wear my red corset with a shirt under it, but I am not going to dance in a corset, so I'll just wear my vampire cape (its red on the other side). and a houndstooth skirt with a white top.
  4. Vampire...Again. I have the cape.
I doubt anyone will vote in time for tonight.  I'll let you all know what I decide...