Sunday, January 9, 2011

I Really Do Hate Being a Girl...

So...totally over it.  Those last two posts can be disregarded as a combination of stress, insecurity, bad communication and hormones.  Any two of those things would end in an outburst but I was lucky enough to feel all of them simultaneously. Jordan was able to write and explain some things and I feel better...I considered deleting the posts but then I figured anyone who was going to read them already has by now and also its not like i didn't feel what I felt.  I did feel it, just not anymore.

Because I'm a stupid girl after all.


Which sounds like a rejected Disney ride theme song.


Who knew?

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Less angry. More hurt. 

Less motivated (didn't write a letter this week).  More confused (not sure why, as I'm not mad, just nothing to say).

Less willing to believe in the fairy tell.  More likely to give my old cynical self a revival.

On the brighter side though, 2010 is finally over and 2011 is here to make me feel better...Also I bought a pink dress that makes my boobs look "normal sized" so that's pretty freakin' awesome, considering...

Ok, New Year.  Let's see whatcha got for me :)