Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Darling you send me...

Honest you do...

I don't know what it is about those old songs that make me feel all dreamy and romantical.  Suddenly I am innocent and naive and easy to please.  All things that society will have us believe make us "simple" or "old fashioned".  Well so what? Isn't happiness simple?  Its pretty old fashioned as well.  NO one writes songs about simple happiness and bliss of being in love.  There is always something that has gone wrong or complicated it, and now the song is about the angst rather than the joy...

Its now or never, come hold me tight...Be mine tonight

Why do we have to make everything so crazy and complicated.  Who decided that made life BETTER?  Don't get me wrong, I am eternally grateful for electricity and the internet and the invention of the iPhone, but they didn't really make me any happier...well....maybe they did, but I think mostly they just over-stimulated me to the point where if I'm not doing 200 things I feel bored.

Put your head on my shoulder, hold me in your arms baby...Maybe you and I will fall in love.

Remember that feeling?  The first time you held hands with him, the first time you finally let him steal that kiss...The secret kisses you had in the kitchen before your friends knew you were together...what about the time you finally spit out "I love you" after trying to hold it in for days because you know it but are afraid to say it too soon...  Simple joy.  Why can't life be full of that all the time?

At last my love has come along, my lonely days are over...and life is like a song

So my message to you all tonight: life IS like a song sometimes, just make sure you're listening to the right station.  I'm gonna try harder to stay out of my own way,  to not limit my own happiness because I think I don't deserve it because I haven't done A, B, or C.  You don't need A, B and C before you can be happy, being happy fuels your path to A, B, and C.  I'm gonna enjoy it. You should all try it too :)

My romance doesn't need a castle rising in Spain
Nor a dance to a constantly surprising refrain
Wide awake I can make my most fantastic dreams come true
My romance doesn't need a thing but you...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Milestone #7: 525,600 Minutes

It's here! as of today there is exactly one more year of Jordan's mission!

I'm not gonna lie here: this is a REALLY weird thing to think about.  I'm excited because its half way...but then I'm SUPER depressed because its...HALF way.  Still, I can recognize that it is a good thing, and everyone...seriously EVERYONE keeps telling me that the second  year goes faster than the first.  Which starts off sounding awesome, but then I think: "shoot! I'm totally not ready for him to come back yet! I'm still a horrible person with a fat fatty problem!" ;)

Seriously though, it feels good.  Starting tomorrow there wont be another October 12th that I wont be able to at least talk to him if I really want to.  And I really want to. So here is to one more year...maybe I'll finally get my (big) butt in gear :P