Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No One Reads This Thing Anyway Right?

I cried today. HARD. The kind of crying that makes you scream and yell out indistinguishable sounds that started off as well thought sentences in your mind...though you don't know who you are talking to...  I got back from Kinko's after spending 145 dollars on making friggin copies that I wasn't even supposed to have to make, but my group pinned on me last minute because they are irresponsible..and I just sat in my car and sobbed...It felt good to just not fight it for once, its cleansing. I don't think I ever really let myself cry about Jordan so that came out too, along with my Daddy issues and my body image issues. I still had to go in the house and deal with my crap-tastic life once again, and do my homework in a dazed exhausted state, but I did it.  I am now going to bed too late and it will probably make tomorrow suck too.  Oh well.