Thursday, October 15, 2009

Look how horrible it is to sleep in and relax for 2 seconds

2 midterms today, skipped my dentist office volunteering in the early morning hours so that I could study...Instead I slept in 2 hours, and I really needed it since I am surrounded by swine flu and my immune system is no help, but it gave me a minute to relax, 2 whole hours to not be rushing and only thinking about what is happening right this very second...and so of course I start thinking about Jordan.

I sent him a Beef Jerky package on and picking the package and entering the address left me too much mulling time.  I am now completely useless mentally and emotionally for the rest of the day and I have to take 2 midterms...the first one being in 2 hours.  I am totally screwed and the small rational part of my brain is freaking out about it, but the rest of me has lost the will to care.  Great, now what do I do? Oh and AFTER the midterms I get to go to the doctor's office, which is so NOT a happy place. My chest feels tight and achy and I just want to get back in bed. UGH.

Time to force myself to get dressed and eat something I suppose...