Thursday, October 29, 2009


Ok, so KOST 103.5 has this competition going on for a private (100 people or so) concert with Michael Buble at Morongo Casino.  All you have to do is call in when you hear a Michael Buble song and be caller 20.  NOT SO EASY! I've been listening all day, and they've played a song maybe 5 times.  I'm realizing that a radio station is going 24 hours a day and I'm getting tired of all these sappy love songs...especially now that it is "Love songs on the KOST" time. I want these tickets man! I've checked the guy's touring schedule, he will be in Europe in May/June but of course nowhere near where I am going to be at the correct time.  Will he ever come back to the U.S.? If I knew that the answer was yes I might be able to turn off this horrible radio station and get on with my life! ugh!


Marisa VanSkiver said...

Michael Buble did a delicious interview on the ITV show This Morning. I'm watching it right now. You should google and see if you can find it. He's adorable.