Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Phenomenon: I hate Saturdays

When I have nothing to do all day I am forced to create my own means of entertainment.  I started my Cross-Stitching project.  It is HUGE and I am hoping to finish it before Christmas since it is a Christmas Stocking.  I worked out, I read, I wrote Jordan a letter, I Facebook-ed, and now I am blogging because in going through my Facebook photos I was forced to reminisce and that is not smart in the current situation.

Unfortunately I have nothing new to say so I pretty much suck at this blogging thing.  I think blogging is only for those with exciting jobs/lives.

I watched "Say Yes to the Dress" for like 3 hours today, that is my excitement.  I do love wedding gowns though...

Isnt this one GORGEOUS?

 It goes with this cake:

And this Husband =)


And these Bridesmaids:

P.S. Don't Judge me, ALL girls do this, I'm just bored enough to share. ugh, i miss Jordan...


Jessica-MKZ said...

so this was posted forever ago, and don't call me an absolute stalker for reading all of these.. but i just had to see if i'm going crazy or if it really is supossed to be this hard. lol.

BUT! i am also a fan of say yes to the dress, and of that dress, and that cake, and that husband, and that bridesmaid. lol. hey, i do it too. its fun to imagine. and hope.. and pine... but who cares right?? lol

and the real reason i commented, you do NOT suck at blogging. i have neither a life nor a job SO!! you are like 5 steps ahead of me. :) be proud you blogger!!

Chantal said...

Dude I don't blame you at all, I did the same thing. Shoot, have you read how much I whine on this thing? And thats after trying VERY VERY hard not to sound like too much of a whiner.

I believe we need to organize a junk food and chick flick night to work out your initial anxiety and icky feelings. Let's do it.