Friday, January 15, 2010

Note to self: Facebook

Do NOT look up his ex girlfriends on Facebook...especially if they are about 293847298374298374923874 times hotter than you.

Ugh. What a day ruiner.

The more time goes on since he left, the more I am entirely convinced that the year we were together was a giant fluke.  He is amazing and I am ridiculously lacking... How could he stand to be with me for over a year?  Now he is out there getting even MORE amazing and I'm still sitting here.

A few days before he left I jokingly said "Its ok, I know you are just going on a mission so that you can break up with me." I think I may not have been joking so much as wanting him to prove me wrong...instead he was just slightly insulted and logically pointed out that even the worst relationship on earth would be easier than serving a mission...thanks...haha.

I'm all full of icky feelings again, I haven't gotten a letter in a month now and I'm so worried that he might not want to hear from me at all.  I must purge myself of these before I have another emotional breakdown, those are so inconvenient.


Jessica-MKZ said...

Aw honey bunches. You know that there is NO way on Earth that your relationship was at ALL a fluke. To be honest, I was thinking the same thing about John, but after talking to a good friend, she kindly reminded me that John has so much integrity and good character that he would NOT be with me up until the last possible moment he was here if he didn't want to be with me then, and after his mission. I am kindly reminding you of the same. Jordan is a definite man of integrity. He isn't fickle and is not a "heat of the moment" type 'o guy. He loves you! And he loves you too much to play with you like that. DON'T worry. He'll write soon. And he did say it would be hard for him to write. As did John... lol. Girl you got this. ;)

Jessica-MKZ said...

OH! And I for sure agree with you on the "don't look up the exes" rule. BIG no no. Lol. But alas, I am guilty of the same. Lol