Sunday, March 7, 2010

No One Has Blogged in Forever...

 Including me.
Mostly because I have been so dang busy doing NOTHING...Mostly because I have been feeling silly and just so small and dumb recently. So in order to remember who I am and all the things I have learned in this life I have compiled a list of what being on Earth has meant to me.

20 Truths I have learned:
  1. God is perfect, and as such he will be perfectly just and perfectly dole out to me what I deserve
  2. I will never fully understand WHY things happen
  3. But I am in total control of HOW I react to them 
  4. Time is definitely a man-made thing, not an eternal thing
  5. I will always have at least one friend at any given time who will be what I need at that time
  6. Miracles happen all the time
  7. That I am capable of more than what I can see right in front of my face
  8. No matter how ugly this patch is, the whole picture will end up beautiful
  9. I am so totally NOT in control of anything
  10. If I pay my tithing, I will never want for anything materially (not REALLY)
  11. As compared to my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ I am a dumb dumby McDumberson from Dumb-Ville so I should just listen to them already.
  12. Sometimes, love for someone else is what keeps you going when nothing else can get you out of bed
  13. Sometimes, happiness is a warm puppy
  14. People are different...and if I want to stay a part of society, I should try to love them anyway...or at least stay away from them so I don't spew hate all over the place and everyone around me who may actually stand a chance at loving them.
  15. Every experience, good or bad, has the ability to make me a better person or a worse person and it is up to me choose which.
  16. The scriptures really DO have an answer for everything
  17. The temple is absolutely a sacred place
  18. Mental and emotional strength are just like any other order to become stronger you have to exercise them and push them beyond what you think their limits are...often.
  19. "Stressed out" and "Overwhelmed" are states of mind, not states of being.
  20. I am 23.  My life isn't over yet, and really it wont ever be so I should stop counting down.


Jenna said...

A warm puppy is always happiness! P.S. I'll be in CA for a few days next week... We should see what we can do about seeing each other!

~Me ;)

Shauna Malia said...


Those are PERFECT truths and what a PERFECT way to get back to having an eternal perspective when our temporal one is getting so overwhelmed.

I LOVE YOU, TALLY! Thank you for being my supportive/protective/AMAZING best friend! I'd be very sad without you in my life. :)