Thursday, March 18, 2010


Jordan emailed home today, he was a couple days late but I wasn't entirely worried...Until I went home and checked where his address is on Google Maps... He is 4 miles away from the Mexican border.  Juarez to be exact.  You know what else google told me about El Paso/Juarez?


Apparently there are two warring drug cartels who have horrendously murdered 500 people since the beginning of the year...AND their entire families.  I do not like this at all.  But WAIT , it gets better...

I turn on the TV and an episode of Medium is on...guess what it is about? Oh, that's right warring drug cartels in Mexico killing entire families in Arizona and, thats right, El Paso.  

There is no way I'm falling asleep now, I'm a wreck.


Marisa VanSkiver said...

If the missionaries weren't safe, they would've pulled them from the area. Don't worry too much. Actually, from several friends, I've heard that gangsters/drug lords in Latin America respect the Mormon elders for their dedication to Christ. I'm sure Jordan will be just fine.