Sunday, March 27, 2011

Unknown Diagnosis

This has been a strange week.  I've been distracted, totally unconcerned with anything (in a bad way), and I'm pretty sure I'm losing my ability to be excited about anything anymore.  Here is a list of my symptoms:

1. Insomnia (10 hours of sleep a week is not enough)
2. Antsy (can't sit still, even when not sitting still I still feel like I need out of my skin.)
3. Feeling Like I Need Out Of My Skin (That's not OK, it is there for a reason)
4. Nightmares For The Brief Moments I Am Sleeping (Miss my REM cycles!)
5. Feeling Worthless
6. Feeling Hopeless
7. Feeling Lonely (the "in a crowded room" kind of feeling lonely)
8. Spending An Entire Day In Bed
9. Reaching Out To People/Things That I KNOW Will Not Help Me
10. Apathy (Worse than regular apathy...the stuff that even I used to care about I suddenly don't anymore)

Someone diagnose me and give me a pill so I can go back to feeling like myself again. Please?