Monday, February 15, 2010

So This Is Why I'm Putting Myself Through This

For THIS FEELING right here.

Today is Jordan's P-day and I usually get the family email forwarded to me.  Having been at the Renaissance Weekend for the past 5ish days, and since I had an AMAZING blessing from the bishop on Wednesday, I had totally forgot. I had not checked my email every 10 minutes like I usually do on Mondays and I had even forgot to be sad/depressed/angry about Valentines Day yesterday!!!  

So today, the email came.  On the subject line I got the "hello family" and then another new message.... Subject line said: "Hey can you forward this to Chantal" and right there my heart jumped back into the correct place and started beating again, I suddenly had air in my lungs and warmth back in my hands..and I hadn't even opened it yet!

Basically all it said was that he did enjoy and read all of the mail I sent him and he had been responding slowly since P-days didn't have much time for writing and he'd been writing during his meals and before bed in order to get back to me.  I should be getting a "massive" response to the last two months worth of letters in the mail soon; He is putting it in the mail today or tomorrow,

Simple, a couple smiley face emoticons, and then I remembered: 

Wow, I love this boy. 

The bishop said something to me on Wednesday: "This is the kind of guy you want.  One who can give himself to the Lord entirely for these two years and love the Lord more than he loves you, which means delayed contact sometimes." I'll take that.  I DO think it's a sign that I didn't get that e-mail until AFTER I had come to terms with it and fixed my falling apart self though.  It feels nice to breathe again.

Happy Day-After-Valentine's Day (AKA Discounted Chocolate Day) to EVERYONE!


Shauna Malia said...

AWWWW... cutest post EVER! :)

Jenna said...

I second Shauna: AWW!