Saturday, February 6, 2010

Note to Self: Normalcy does not always have to equal happiness

I realized that after these past few weeks of depression and anxiety...and then the subsequent freak out about acting crazy...  Ebbs and flows of happiness and rotten-ness are a normal part of being human.  Freaking out about it only makes it worse and lengthens the gloominess by giving you something else to feel rotten about.  Besides, what is being "normal" anyway?  Jordan still hasn't written me.  And it is ok.  I was in the temple and I realized how selfish I was being in being offended.  This time isn't about me at all.  Yeah, that SUCKED to realize but it also sorta helps.  I got a glimpse of how Jordan is feeling I guess.  I know how he is, so focused about something far more important than this, its not that he isn't thinking of me or has stopped caring for me...I'm just not a priority right this second...youchies.

This is ok. I'll be ok.


Jessica-MKZ said...

I love you, dear. Be strong. :)