Saturday, November 28, 2009


I am quite the believer in having a hobby.  When I don't have some little project going on the back burner I feel like "all work and no play".  Especially now that Jordan has left I have needed to keep my mind occupied to the point of exhaustion all most hours of the day (The nightmares I've been having recently are a whole 'nother story.) Blogging is only one of my new time-wasters.  I have taken up cross-stitching, and I must say, I am pretty dang good at it.  I am doing these three little monkeys that are doing the "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" thing.

This is what it will look like when it is done.  Right now it looks like this:

I have also given in financially and bought myself a Disneyland pass!!! The most exciting hobby is being a Disneyland AP holder, I have missed the park (and the discounts) so much!  I went twice last week.  It helps we have a friend in the Christmas Parade =)

Also, Jordan being gone gives me a hobby within itself.  I have an excellently organized binder of his letters and copies of the letters I send to him.  Shut up- its not crazy.  Crazy would be if I read them 3 times a day and had a notebook dedicated to planning our wedding (which I do NOT, by the way).  I write a letter every Monday and I will occasionally get letters back...It's been two weeks since the last one, but we mustn't dwell.  I am also a terrific package maker and, in order to keep up my appearances as NOT being crazy, send out only one a month.  This one was my November package.

I basically went down every aisle of the 99 cent store and picked up everything I thought two boys would appreciate.  These things include: 2 lightsabers, a pirate gun, a slingshot, Belly Flops (mutilated jelly bellys), tons of candy, finger twister, Slim Jims, and the biggest cup o noodle I've ever seen. Yeah, I'm good.  I am still considering and planning for the December package. Any and all comments/suggestions/stories are welcome =)

On a related note, I've added every stupid Facebook game/application and play them all religiously.  If you are my Facebook friend, I apologize.  Please realize that I am only trying to salvage my sanity and I do not expect you to join me or support me in my endeavors.  Don't worry, I won't spam you with requests, I keep to myself unless you've joined of your own free will =)


Jenna said...

You're so funny. I believe in hobbies too. If you get bored with cross-stitch, you can move to my new hobby, embroidery. I've got some really cute patterns I can share!