Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Love Drunk

Well, its happened...only 6 months til Jordan comes home and I just couldn't wait any longer...

I couldn't help it, I tried so very hard to resist..

But I'm in love.

And I think Jordan will understand, because he knew that this man and I had a thing going on before Jordan left.  

And I'm fully back in love.

Lee Pace.  
AKA: Ned the Piemaker

As you may have guessed I have recently re-watched "Pushing Daisies" the short-lived but all together wonderful show that brought Lee Pace in to my life.  I watched it episode by episode before but somehow forgot its magic until right now.

Seriously. IN LOVE.

I mean LOOK at this man! 

He makes the most adorable faces I've ever seen.

And he has a dog!!

And yes, OBVIOUSLY I have a type...

and that type is tall, skinny, ruggedly nerdy awkwardness.  I get this. BUT check out THIS picture:


I mean come on...guy liner and guns? not my thing...but look how effing sexy he is.

oh the things I'd do to you Lee Pace.... you'd love every minute of it.

...i think my loneliness may finally be hitting the point where I hit the wall o' crazy