Monday, October 11, 2010

Milestone #7: 525,600 Minutes

It's here! as of today there is exactly one more year of Jordan's mission!

I'm not gonna lie here: this is a REALLY weird thing to think about.  I'm excited because its half way...but then I'm SUPER depressed because its...HALF way.  Still, I can recognize that it is a good thing, and everyone...seriously EVERYONE keeps telling me that the second  year goes faster than the first.  Which starts off sounding awesome, but then I think: "shoot! I'm totally not ready for him to come back yet! I'm still a horrible person with a fat fatty problem!" ;)

Seriously though, it feels good.  Starting tomorrow there wont be another October 12th that I wont be able to at least talk to him if I really want to.  And I really want to. So here is to one more year...maybe I'll finally get my (big) butt in gear :P